About Us

History of Brainerd

In 1951 A.G. Brainerd began what was then known as The Brainerd Company. His business consisted mainly of commercial service and filter changing in Memphis and the Mid-South. In servicing the larger HVAC equipment and in constant need of all types of compressors, Mr. Brainerd began rebuilding his own compressors in-house and soon became an outlet for other service companies.

It was in 1971 that J. Howard Barton purchased The Brainerd Company and merged it with his already existing Barton Service Company. At that time he immediately saw the need and growth potential of the compressor re-manufacturing business and separated this into an existing company of its own. His brother Larry, already having experience in this business, joined him in 1972 and together they developed Brainerd Compressor into one of the largest and most reliable compressor re-manufacturers in the country.

Now, with their vast and unparalleled stock of inventory in three locations, Brainerd has become “The Source” for re-manufactured compressors, not only in the United States, but in countries worldwide.

Our Mission

To acquire, serve and satisfy customers by:

  • Providing the highest quality of re-manufactured compressors in the industry.
  • Being the standard of excellence by which others are measured.
  • Providing an unparalleled degree of service which is promoting good business ethics and practices.